Swanbay Dai Phuoc Project – Dai Phuoc Island, Dong Nai


Investor: CFLD (Swan City)

General Contractor: HOA BINH

General contractor for the production and construction of metal and non-fine arts mechanical items: NICE GATES GROUP

Project address: Dai Phuoc Commune, Nhon Trach District, Dong Nai Province, HCMC


Cong trinh hoa sen dai phuoc 2020
du an swancity dong nai


Pictures of handrail production for the Swanbay Dai Phuoc project.

san xuat du an Sol Village
nha thau du an Sol Village


Swanbay Dai Phuoc project after completion.

khu đô thị hoa sen đại phước
lan can dự án hoa sen đại phước
Dự án hoa sen đại phước


Video project Swanbay Dai Phuoc

Dự án hoa sen đại phước


Swanbay Dai Phuoc has been deployed to build in the Dai Phuoc peninsula with a scale of about 200ha. Accordingly, the project provides customers with a variety of products such as: duplex villas; single villas; commercial townhouses; The mansion … All have luxury resort style, modern, convenient.

The whole project has a construction density of only 17%, the rest of the area has been devoted to green living space, water surface of green parks, a system of high-class facilities and services. international standards. All of these help to meet the needs of all residents for a resort.

Swanbay Dai Phuoc project is owned by Nice Gates as a general contractor for the production and construction of metal and fine arts mechanical works. 

Some construction items for the Swanbay Dai Phuoc project: gate,fence, balcony…

Swanbay Dai Phuoc Project
Swanbay Dai Phuoc Project

Overall architectural design of the project: In classical French style with harmonious standards between the elements “Architecture – Fine Arts – People”. Contemporary beauty emanating from the project will bring vitality and prosperity to the homeowner residing in Swan Bay Dai Phuoc.

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