Policy maintenance products

Warranty Service: Professional – Fast

Nice Gates Group products will be warranted for 18 months according to 4 criteria clearly warranted:

  • Oxidation products
  • The warping weld shrinkage
  • Structural unsustainable
  • Paint peeling

-In the warranty period, any incident about products, after receiving notice of the customer, at the latest within 24 hours to the inner HCMC, and 72h for the other provinces, employees Nice Gates technical Group will be on hand to handle customers

– Especially during the warranty period, Nice Gates Group mode routine care, that 9 months. Technical staff to our work product inspection, polishing, refreshing, repainting the old product in the works.

– After the warranty period, if the customer needs polishing refreshed, repainted, our staff is ready to serve you with preferential rates.

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Đội ngủ kỹ thuật Nice Gates
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