Privacy Policy

Nice Gates Group coupled with the privacy of our customers is of utmost importance.
Nice Gates Group therefore only collect the necessary information relating to transactions between us and our customers.
Simultaneously, Nice Gates Group will only use the name and some other information of the customer within the scope and objectives set out in the Privacy Policy of this information.

Customers can access website, without having to provide any personal information unless you create an account on the website and perform the operation log in using information published Register.

If you have comments, please send an email to, We are always ready to listen to comments from customers

Confidentiality provisions of the Nice Gates Group fully complies with the provisions of the law of Vietnam on personal information security.


– Personal information of customers on our website is committed absolute confidentiality policy protects personal information of Nice Gates Group. The collection and use of information of each customer is only done when there is the consent of the client, except where the law provides otherwise. Nice Gates Group is committed to:

  • Not use, do not transfer, provide or disclose to third parties the personal information of customers without permission or consent from the client, except where the law provides otherwise.
  • In case the host information hacker attacks resulting in the loss of personal data customers, Nice Gates Group will have the responsibility to inform the matter to the authorities handling the investigation promptly and inform clients said.
  • Confidential all information online transactions customer information including billing, accounting documents digitized data at regional level 1 safety center of Nice Gates Group
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